"Guardian Buddha (Eight buddhist protectors of the zodiac)"


According to Japanese tradition, each year reflects the character of a different sign of the Chinese twelve zodiac signs.
each of the 12 animals are commonly associated with one of eight Buddhist guardian deities.
For example, the Guardian Deities protecting a person born in the Year of the Pig(or Dog) is "Amida Nyorai".

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Goddess of mercy. Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Rat.
He expresses immeasurable and unchangeable absolute modest virtue as the main image of Kannon Bosatsu with one thousand arms and eyes.
He has the vast and unchangeable power for long life, reducing sin, eliminating illness so on.
Kokuzo Bosatsu
Deity of memory & intelligence. Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Ox & Tiger.
Kokuzo symbolizes the "vast and boundless" Buddha wisdom that permeates the universe.
In particular, people pray to Kokuzo to improve their memory, technical skills, and artistic talents, for Kokuzo is revered not only as the wisdom-bestowing Bodhisattva, but as the protector of craftspeople and artisans.
Monju Bosatsu
Lord of wisdom, voice of the law.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Rabbit.
Monju is the personification of the Buddha's teachings, and hence Monju symbolizes wisdom and the enlightened mind.
Monju is considered the wisest of the Bodhisattva, and thus acts as the Expounder of Buddhist Law.
Fugen Bosatsu
Lord of practice,meditation, & moral conduct.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Dragon & Snake.
Fugen is known as the "Great Conduct" Bodhisattva, for Fugen teaches that action and conduct (behavior) are equally important as thought and meditation.
Fugen encourages people to diligently practice the Buddhist precepts of charity, moral conduct, patience, and devotion.
Seishi Bosatsu
Bodhisattva of wisdom.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Horse.
Seishi Bosatsu vigourously seeks to awaken the Buddha nature/wisdom inherent in all beings and encourage them to grow towards enlightenment.
He possesses supreme power to steer people away from 'dark' paths.
Seishi also brings positive changes in luck, and his assistance is sought by those desiring to a chieve better levels of performance in training.
Dainichi Nyorai
Buddha of cosmic light & truth.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Sheep (Goat) & Monkey.
Dainichi Buddha sitting atop an ornate lotus. Dainichi is the central deity of Japan's Shingon Sect of Esoteric Buddhism, and the main object of veneration in Vajrayana Buddhism in Asia. In Japan, images of Dainichi appear most often in the Taizoukai (Womb World) and Kongoukai (Diamond World) Mandalas, which together depict the key devotional images of Esoteric Buddhism.
Fudo Myo-o
Fudo the immutable & immovable.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Rooster.
Fudo wields the "kurikara" (devil-subduing) sword in right hand (also symbolizes wisdom cutting through ignorance); holds lasso in left (to catch and bind up the wicked).
Myo-o statues appear ferocious and menacing, with threatening postures and faces designed to subdue evil and frighten unbelievers into accepting Buddhist law.
Amida Nyorai
Buddha of infinite life & light.Guardian of people born in the Zodiac Year of the Dog & Pig(Boar).
Amida is one of the loftiest savior figures in Japanese Buddhism, and Amida faith is concerned primarily with the life to come in Amida's Pure Land Paradise of Utmost Bliss.
He made 48 vows to save sentient beings and is the main target of worship in the Jodo sect. It is believed that the faith in Amida will be reborn in the Western Pure Land after death.
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